Revealed the two “flying” obstacles of The Original – 20k 2018

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The countdown of Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun The Original – 20k fell below two months and it is time to know the first details of the obstacles, which will make Rovereto once again irresistible for all the runners.

Along the city route, there will be 13 obstacles that the runners have to overtake twice. Three of them are “flying obstacles” and some details about two flying obstacles are going to be revealed:

  1. The first one is located in Piazza Rosmini, in the heart of the city. It will be built over the famous circular fountain. The structure: 5 metres of height and I will be composed of a long naval net hold by two big blocks of containers (three per side) on which on which the strongmanrunners, from left to right, will climb using the ropes. The main trait of the obstacle will be the presence of strong jets of water making the crossing harder. The container will be open on one side e it will be used for the passage of the participants in the point of changing route.
  2. The second flying obstacle could be considered as a “high flying osbtacle“. It will be located in Viale Trento, close to Via Brione. It will be composed of a tunnel made by a long container, within which the runners will have to run. To enter inside the container it will be necessary to climb a ladder, while going down the runners will have to jump on hay balls. In Overall, the structure will be high 5 meters and the passage  will be 12 meters long.

The start will be about 14.00 in Via Giacomo Tartarotti, where the runners are going back after 10km to pass through the finish line and start the second lap. In 2018 Michele Evangelisti will be a motivation for the participant who are going to run close to the ultratrailer, expert in incredible challenges, leading the runners to great performance.

There will be Sport Mental Coaches from Ekis Sport, leading company in coaching and consulting, to support the participants. From July to September all the runners will  be able to attend an online course through videos about mental training and they will be looked after before the race to fine-tune the preparation, and also during the event to support those in difficulty.

The registrations continue at full speed. From the 1st of August the registration fee will change from €45 to €50. For the groups there is a special discount: for the groups reaching the 10 members the system will give back to each group member the 10% of the registration fee on the credit card used for the payment. The operation will be repeated every 10 members registered in the same team.