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The 2018 edition of Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun The Original – 20K, organized by RCS Sport – RCS Active Team, has been unforgettable thanks to the enchanting enthusiasm of the 2532 participants and to the city route which has allowed to the Rovereto inhabitants  to cheer and support the strongmanrunners.

Since the early morning it was possible to breathe the party air in the city center thanks to the colored people of the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun, always capable of combining agonism and fun.

 “It has been even this year a extraordinary event and once again the level of the event has raised both for the bizarre costumes and for the difficulty of the obstacle made more challenging by the hot weather. We want to thank the city administration of Rovereto and all the Partners who make this event extraordinary and impeccable” has stated Andrea Trabuio, RCS Sport – RCS Active Team Mass Events Technical Manager.

From 2.00PM all the participants were focused on the race and ready to give the maximum effort with the ultratrailer Michele Evangelisti, Race ambassador, leading the race with the race bib number 1.

 “Music, sweat and many challenging obstacle. The funniest thing is the masks. The atmosphere is crazy. It has been an incredible experience. I have run with my team without thinking about the time and helping those in difficulty”. Has stated Michele Evangelisti, ultratrailer and race ambassador.

Among the most evocative moments, there are the passage inside the Quercia Rovereto Città della Pace e dello Sport stadium, the crossing of the Brione neighborhood and the double crossing of the Leno river with two fire trucks whi sprayed strong jets of water.

The Obstacles have shined again for their difficulty and for their fantasy both in the preparation and in the name. The most feared obstacles were the “Dolomiti Energia Tough Geyser”, located in Piazza Rosmini and built over the famous circular fountain. The structure of 5 meters of height was composed by a large naval net and hold by two blocks of containers (three per side).

Moreover, the “La Sportiva 90 METERS OF GLORY“, located in Corso Bettini close to the MART, has been really appreciated by the runners. It is 90 meters long in honor of the technical sponsor, who celebrates in 2018 90 years since the establishment. The first part was composed by tires, followed by a big tub of water inside a container. Then, the participants have faced hay bales, a passage inside tubes and a ramp, on which they climbed to reach a group of containers located  at 5 meters height.

Even if Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun is not an agonistic event, it is fair to announce the first three men and women to cut the finish line including also their times.




1-            Daniele Andreis               1.20.49

2-            Stefano Medessi             1.30.17

3-            Nicola Brida                       1.31.09


1-            Alessia Scalet                    1.46.17

2-            Sarah Natali                       1.49.57

3-            Marta Cereda                   1.58.50


The winner in the men category is Daniele Andreis, 27 years old from Caldes in Val di Sole. He is a sky race specialist and it is his second appearance in the FFSR: “ Two years ago I finished 2nd. This year I really liked the crossing of the Leno river. How to win? No secrets, because here it is important knowing how to improvise”.

The winner in the women category is Alessia Scalet, 38 years old from Primiero San Martino di Castrozza.

She is a FFSR veteran. She has collected three victories, a second place and a third place in the past editions: “The most beautiful obstacles? The “Dolomiti Energia Tough Geyser” with the net suspended over the fountain in Piazza Rosmini and “La Sportiva Power Rush” which has to be passed thorugh exploiting only your arms.”

Curiosity about the participants:

The country most represented is of course Italy, but overall 27 countries have been represented. Germany and Switzerland have the major number of members after Italy: 16 Germany and 24 Switzerland. However, there were runners From Tanzana, Perù and Israel.

At regional level,  there were participants from 17 different regions: Veneto is the most represented with 654 runners. Trentino and Lombardia follow with 591 and 368 participants.

The oldest runner are the Italian Carlo Papa (72 years old)  and the Italian Emiliana Coser.

From 8.00PM the party moved to Piazza Achille Leoni with the Strong Party animated by DJ Luca Asta.

Dolomiti Energia has lunched the “Dolomiti Hydrotour” project, which allows to understand how the 100% clean energy is produced in Trentino. In particular, linked to the obstacle race, every strongmanrunner, who will show his race bib at the Dolomiti Hydrotour stand, will be able to access to guided tours for free organized inside hydroelectric power plants of Riva del Garda or Santa Massenza.

2018 Partners:

LA SPORTIVA // NAMED SPORT//PASTIFICIO FELICETTI // GRAPPE MARZADRO // SANGEMINI // MELINDA // EKIS//FLIXBUS. La Gazzetta dello Sport con Sportweek as media partner. Official Radio: Viva FM. Local partners: Comune di Rovereto e Dolomiti Energia; More partners: ASV Agenzia Sport Vallagarina, Trentino, Tecnotek, Effer, Marangoni e Scaligera Service.