Find out the new route and the new obstacles of the 16th September in Rovereto

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The 16th of September is close, Strongman! There are 2 months left for the sixth edition of the most famous obstacle race in Italy and here the route has been revealed including its 16 obstacles.

Although, the route has been completely renewed, the Village located in Piazzale Achille Leoni even in the 2017 will be unvaried.

The start, as usual at 2 pm, will be located in the inner Via Saibanti. From here, the strongmanrunners  will run West for 2km through Viale della Vittoria. In this first race’s segment, the  route will pass close to the former Alpe area with passage inside the former Manifattura Tabacchi, beautiful example of industrial archeology and now converted in a landmark of eco sustainability innovation. Then, the route includes Borgo Sacco, the Rovereto suburb along the Adige shore with 5000  residents which hosts the event for the first time. Here it will be located the obstacle n°3: firstly, you will have to climb and pass through a platform with tree trunks and concrete tubes; then there will be a mountain of tyres and a big layher structure to be faced climbing 6 containers and reaching a height of 7,5 meters (the height peak of this edition). Then, the runners will go down the mountain overtaking a hay obstacles and finally a platform of tyres and tree trunks. After crossing the Leno river, the route will continue along the beautiful cycle lane which run along the Adige shores. Then, the route will pass near the Maragoni headquarter in order to go back in Via Porte Rosse, where the slope will tend to increase. Finally, the route will came back Via Castel Dante and the participants will run in Ossario area.

The 2017 edition will be the first to include a part of the route characterized by crossing Adige river. Moreover, the water mixed up with mud remains one of the principal elements used by The Organisation to build the obstacles.

The participants will move  to Madonna del Monte and from here they will come back in cental area cutting through Corso Verona and Via Benacese, where the flying obstacle n°13  “Dolomiti Energia” will be located: you will have to climb to reach a 12 meters length and 5 meters height platform. Then, the participants will have to go down through 6 layher platforms.

After taking Via delle Maioliche, the strongmanrunners will find the obstacle n°15 “Alpe Cimbra”: four tree trunks mountains to be climbed. The higher one reach the 7 meters of height. The material used is totally inspired to geographical location of its name.

The runners will continue the run in Via Halberherr in order to go back in Via Saibanti, where there will be the finish line , once passed it the second lap will begin.

Even this year the ingredients for a memorable edition of Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun won’t be missing.

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